"Oh sure, I know Jim Babjak...nice guy!

"Good family man, still lives in Jersey...plays guitar in a rock band. Hey, maybe you've heard of them...The Smithereens? Yeah, he's even got a couple of Gold Records on his wall at home...remember when people used to buy records? You probably bought a few albums Jim played on! “Especially For You”? “Green Thoughts”? “Smithereens 11”? Heck, he even put out an album of his own band Buzzed Meg a few years back.


"Yeah, Jim's dad used to own a bar in Carteret years ago. Jimmy painted The Beatles on the wall outside it when he was a kid...hey, y'know, I think it's still there, too!


"Yep, Jimmy's always out there on the road, playing gigs all over the country. He's probably gonna play somewhere nearby soon, you ought to try and catch a show sometime. He's been out there playing for more than thirty years, he must be pretty good or they'd have given it up by now! I've even seen him on TV...that “Saturday Night Live” deal, and “The Tonight Show”. He was even on real late with Joe Franklin one night!


"Loves those White Castle Burgers so much he wrote a song about 'em. They put him in the White Castle Hall Of Fame for that one! I'll tell ya, that Jim Babjak, he's one of the good guys! Next time you run into Jim, buy him a beer and tell him I said “Hi!”, okay?"

- Rich Firestone